Kitchener Stitch with Ann Budd first, as I have no pictures to share.  Ann is a relaxed and skilled teacher.  We worked Kitchener on Stockinette, Reverse Stockinette, Garter, 1×1 Ribbing, 2×2 Ribbing, and even Seed Stitch, although that was not part of her syllabus.  It was nice to both learn and to know that what I am teaching is considered “right” by a true authority.

Now Photo Safari with Gayle Zucker.  I was not sure what to expect from this class.   After a short intro, Gayle sent us out to take pictures of different shapes.  I was assigned circles.







Then,we spent most of the morning wandering the fairgrounds shooting Gayle’s niece, Ariana, modeling garments brought by students.



The photography world is safe from me 🙂

There were three men in the class, all husbands of knitters/designers who wanted to be able to take better pictures of their spouse’s work.  The class was a nice mix of people and skills.



Gayle took us to different locations to demonstrate how background and lighting affect a shoot.


My favorite part of the morning, besides the class, were the people who stopped and whipped out their cameras, assuming that Ariana must be famous; why else would 12 people be shooting pictures of a lovely young woman in knitwear?