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Thoughtful, unique designs for all knitters.  

  • IMG_2479
    Bee Happy Mittens
  • DSC02234
    Helianthus Mittens
  • DSC_0022 (1)
    Cook’s Point Sweater
  • DSC_0028
    Miss Carter’s Tree shawl
  • 2016-09-01 14.15.29
    The Italian Job shawl
  • 2016-09-01 14.26.27
    Nasturtium Mittens
  • Sweater Pattern by Nancy Vandivert
    Skyscraper sweater
  • 2016-09-01 14.20.39
    Four by Four Mittens
  • IMG_0031
    Day of the Dead Mittens
  • DSC_1921
    Jerusha sweater
  • DSC_3671
    Vermilion Cliffs sweater
  • 2016-09-01 14.24.33
    Octopus Mittens
  • DSC_3458
    Cosmos Tam and Mittens
  • DSC_0810
    Snow fence cowl
  • IMG_2074
    Singing’ in the Rain shawl
  • IMG_1977
    Cranberry Island Mittens

My passion is color. When designing knitting patterns, I strive to blend traditional skills with contemporary sensibilities to create fun and different projects.  

Crafting a knitting pattern is like baking; it takes the right ingredients, careful measurement and patience.  My goal when developing  new pattern is to create a garment that knitters at any skill level can make, too.  

Knitting is comprised of just two stitches, but their arrangement and coloring offer almost unlimited possibilities for design.  The addition of increases and/or decreases, lace work, texture, short rows, cabling, to  name just a few skills, enables the knitter to adapt patterns for personal fit, for personal preference, and even to create otherworldly textures and designs.  I frequently tell my students never to be afraid to try a new knitting skill.  

This past year marked my fifteenth year as a knitting teacher in western New York.  I adore teaching, not only for the joy of passing on a unique skill, but also because I always learn from my students.  Truly, knitting offers everyone boundless possibilities for surprise and satisfaction.