On Friday November 3, 2012, Sue, Leslie, Meg, ML (Mary Lousie) and I (otherwise known as Vert– long story) began a road trip to West Springfield,  MA and the New England Fiber Festival.  While not as large as either Rheinbeck or Maryland, nor as small as our local Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, it has the advantage of being entirely indoors, that’s no mud, no rain, no wind, ladies.  It is also a relatively new festival, this being it’s third year, and draws heavily from fiber raisers and indie dyers from New England.

Springfield is also very close to another yarn mecca, WEBS, in Northampton, MA.


Thursday, Meg has posted to WEBS Facebook page, warning them that 5 intrepid travelers would be arriving midday.  Inside the door, our accents gave us away, and we were greeted with goodies bags 25% off coupons for our entire group!  Wow…

More on what I got there later… onto the festival!  We thought this building looked more like an observatory.


Our grand entrance…



Here’s what we saw inside the entrance:


Sue has a cousin who exhibited alpacas and alpaca goods.  I got some cute cards, and a ball to stuff with alpaca lint for birds to line their nests in the Spring.

This lady raised Cormo sheep (my favorite wool breed to spin, and hailed from ML’s home town.



The two of them chatted while I eyed the dyed yarn.



This is Tucker Woods Artisan Yarns.  Their colors are amazing!


Most fun was that they named their yarn lines after their dogs.  I got some Rory’s Toes!


This was my shopping bag after one hour at the show…


Here are some of the animals at the show. Again, everything was inside.  The whole place was clean and well run.  Even the food was good.  Besides standard fair food, I had a truly delicious lamb Shepherd’s Pie for lunch.



Some lovely sheep


A protective mama llama!