Finishing up Featherweight Cardigan by KnitBot in Uncommon Thread Uncommon Everyday, color Tea Smoked available from Yarn Culture.  Pieces all put together and now working on picking up 300+ stitches for the front band.



Up next in sweater land, I will be making Dubonnet by Thea Colman for a Yarn Culture display in Eden Cottage Oakworth, colors Dogwood (main color) and Damselfly (the lipstick pocket).


I just finished my first Wurm hat in Feederbrook Farms Entropy in color Pe.


And yes, it is never too warm for me to be working on a pair of mittens!  This is a new design, “Nasturtium”.  The orange and dark blue is in KnitPicks Palette fingering weight and the turquoise and yellow is Rosy Green Manx Merino rare breed yarn, available at Yarn Culture.


Both yarns are lovely to work with. I still have not decided what to do with the thumbs..


And last but not least, just finished a Kousa Kousa with Habu Fine Merino and Stainless Steel/Wool.


Stay tuned for Dubonnet progress!


Happy Knitting 🙂