Pattern: Firebolt by Mia Rinde,
Pattern: Firebolt by Mia Rinde,

There is a cool story to this project; August 2015 I was at Stitches Midwest working at the Yarn Culture booth and happened to see a woman wearing this shawl walking by, and I thought, “Why not ask a complete stranger about her shawl?”  So, I did, and learned about this pattern, Firebolt, by Mia Rinde, and lovely crescent neck wrap and an easy, easy knit.  The yarn is from my stash, a discontinued color in Madeline Tosh sock, William Morris.  The pattern looks kind of like the end of a broomstick.  Harry Potter fans out there will recognize the reference!

So, why did I need something easy?  This year, I joined the Ravellenics and designed and knitted a pair of mittens.

I have had this design in my head for a while, below shows the fronts with and without the duplicate stitching.


The palm is supposed to be bones of the hand (apologies to medical professionals who will see right away that, ahem, some bones are missing).  Yarn is Rosy Green Cheeky Merino Joy and the accents are a gradient set from PigeonRoof Studios.


The background?  Yes… another project from the To-Do List is Kaffee Fassett’s Optical Squares table cloth from his book  Passionate Patchwork.  I made two (yes, I am an overachiever) and they are now cat hair covers for two chairs in our living room.

Happy Knitting!