So, there’s this group of my friends, I met them in a Learn to Spin class when I was pregnant with my younger daughter– she turns 20 (?!!?) in December.

We call ourselves the Wee Guild.

Among the five of us, we comprise knitters, spinners, sewers, quilters, dyers, designers.  Three of us are published.

Once a month, we meet for lunch, sometimes at a home, sometimes at a local restaurant (when none of use want to cook).  When we do cook, everybody brings a dish and we usually have a theme: Mexican, Polish, Kitsch, Comfort Foods, etc.

We eat very well 🙂

Last Saturday, we had the second Dye Day of the year.  The first time, we all brought one or two skeins and did out dyeing in a few hours.  This time, we wanted to devote a full day and many more skeins.


For the day, we each bought the “3 Fibers… 3 Pairs of Socks” sample pack from Wool2Dye4: Cash Sock MCN (80% superwash merino/ 10%cashmere/ 10% silk), Sheila’s Sock (100% superwash merino), and Silk Sock 50/50 (50% superwash merino/ 50% silk), plus we could bring whatever other protein fibers we wanted to dye.


Meg’s husband and son were dismantling the backyard playset, but we made them stop so we could use the ladder to dry skeins!


Yup, you counted correctly!  Between the five of use, we dyed 34 skeins.  Mine are on the second rung from the bottom at the right.  I was going for pastel tonal and got some of what I wanted.


Okay, Meg, Sue, Leslie, and ML, none of you are allowed to be angry with me… I over dyed four of my skeins….


That’s Chai Chai inspecting my skeins.


After watching Sue dye a lovely deep brown skein, I  developed an appreciation for colors that I don’t like/wear/use (yellow and orange) as underlayers in dyeing.  The skein below was originally a poor attempt at a Madeline Tosch (don’t worry- her secret is safe from me).  I added spot colors of Dharma “Tobacco” (a darker, desaturated yellow) and covered it with “Pecan Brown”.  Now, there’s a lovely mix of rosy to rosy-oragne taupes and browns.  The silk gives it all a lovely sheen.


The next over dye was originally “Silver Gray” and “Sand Dune”, too bland once I got it home.  Here’s the result after overdyeing with “Espresso” (which breaks into bits of Navy Blue) and “Tobacco” accents once again:



Yummy!  The last one is an overdyed skein from our first dye day.  It, too, was gray at first, then I really took a risk and overdyed it first with magenta and then with “Espresso” and “Pecan Brown”.